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2010 Reflection and onto 2011

Posted: January 7, 2011 at 4:22 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

I was supposed to have this posted on Dec. 31, 2010 but somehow got delayed.  2010 was a crazy year for me here at VSC.  We finally launched our main site twice in one year.  2 different designs but we finally settled in on one.  I finally got our GS back on the road thanks to the help of AirRunner USA, Autofashion USA, Impact Performance, and the staff of VSC.  Everyone gave me advice, allowed me to use their garage to install stuff, and pretty much led me in the right direction again.  Even now, I went in on finally doing some kind of “ICE” for the car.  I basically carried a simple subwoofer setup with TV’s in the headrest.  This time, I just wanted to turn it up a notch, not go too crazy but still be able to pull off a decent system without any type of “sponsorship”, yea we paid pretty much “retail pricing” for our build just as if anyone who walked into a shop would pay.  I didn’t want to persue any type of sponsorship to complete the audio/video transformation.  It was more to just to go with walking in on a whim at a shop and choosing what they had there. I won’t be rocking the “high end components” that you normally see in these type of builds since we went “retail prices”. However, I chose the components that I will be extremely happy with!

Its been over 7 years now since we launched officially.  It’s been one helluva ride.

For 2011, we will be aggressively featuring VSC.  I am looking for Feature cars, both basic builds as well as wild ones.  No type of builds will be ignored.  We want to feature every type of VIP Car build we can.  Whether you are just sitting on a suspension setup and wheels or if you are a full blown “show car”, we want your car to be featured here on VSC.  As well as photographers, bloggers, content writers, and anything else to contribute to VSC, we are awaiting your contribution!  It’s open, lets show everyone what a VIP Car / VIP Styled Car / VIP Inspired Car can be.

Until then, here are some images I took over the course of 2010 to look forward to the builds / events in 2011!

Oh and as I wrote this article, felt a little earthquake shake Northern California a bit…  Bring on 2011!



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