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Air Runner Toyota Crown

Posted: September 19, 2010 at 1:32 am   /   by   /   comments (3)


I was spending time looking for a new suspension setup when I gave a friend over at ACC USA otherwise known as Air Runner a call. Shin Okamoto from ACC and I began talking about air suspension setups when he told me about one of his friends who has a Toyota Crown back in Japan.  Being a huge fan of Toyota Crowns after driving a few during my last trip to Japan, I really wanted to see this car.  

In a few days, I receive an email with a spec list, video, and pictures of this Crown. Once again, another Crown that made me wish we had this car back in the US. This Crown didn’t have that extensive list of custom mods on it.  A lot of the mods were clean and simple.  What I noticed first were the 19” Locksmice Velore on there.  Mounted onto the wheels were Bridgestone Regno GR9000s, 235-35-19 and 265-30-19. I apologize that I do not have the offsets of these wheels.  

The suspension used on this car came from Air Runner obviously.  Using a Dakota Digital pressure gauge to keep on an eye on the suspension was a good idea.  I admit, it looks pretty slick inside the ashtray.  Made me think that I should probably pick one up myself.  

As for the exterior of the Crown, the body kit was dubbed “Brand H”. Very subtle and clean, may not fit for most tastes but works for me.  The mirrors came off a LS460.  A lot of Toyota builds in Japan have a tendency to borrow OEM parts from other Toyotas to create a “custom build”.  The stainless pillars are from Freedom Region. Last the grill and the side emblem were simply stated as custom.

Overall, a very clean build.  I like it, doesn’t need to be overbearing in regards to mods to make a statement.  Works for me, I think I am just biased towards the stock Toyota Crown body style.

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