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Blox Evolution 2014

Posted: July 21, 2014 at 9:38 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

Words / Photos: John Liwanag

One event that we look forward to in Northern California is the Blox Open House.  It’s a meet that is held at their facilities which draws over 300 cars each year. However it was no secret that they were outgrowing the area around their facilities and they began planning on moving the event.  The idea of Blox Evolution was born.  They were able to secure a location that had a great feel to it.  If you follow us on Instagram (@vipstylecars), you were able to view some of the previews we took of the location.  Had a large warehouse that was clearly showing its age, plus a large adjacent lot.  Blox decided, lets bring back events to San Francisco.  We were even invited to the video shoot to promote the new venue and event. For us, it was a 5 minute drive from our home base at Impact Performance to the venue.  We had no excuse to not bring out a few cars.


Dave Chan, a member of Endless Projects, had his Job Design Infiniti M35 on display.  Recently painted a brilliant red with the newly installed Job Design kit, the car looked amazing.


Mr VIPdOut himself, James Church brought out his car to display next to his booth.  Still a favorite, taking a Hyundai Genesis 5.0 and adding a bit of flair to it.  The pink Futura Brakes look great behind the Work Wheels Genosis GS4.


Anthony’s Q45.  I rarely see these Q45s now a days.  I do hope more people decide to pick up this platform and pull it off


J.Villaruz’s Lexus LS430.  Thank you for parking with us.  I am glad to finally see this car in person.  Wheels looked amazing.  It’s extremely brilliant in person.


Endless Projects Infiniti G37 which is supercharged.  Also sporting new wheels, Work Genosis GS1, it gave it a bit more subtle of a look which I enjoy for builds like this.


We all know James Agpalasin’s supercharged Scion xB, however while that car is getting some work done, he brings out a clean Infiniti Q45 Y33.  Must be nice to have a daily driver like this while waiting for the xB to be completed.


Inspire brought out a clean 2GS out


In the Mackin / Sonic MS booth was this Infiniti G35 sedan.  I was hoping to see under the hood with the intercooler peeking out at us.


Our good friend Josh Vee brought out his Lexus IS350 with newly mounted RSV Forged wheels.


Inspire also brought out a clean Lexus 2IS for their lineup


I can honestly say that each time I see this 3GS, it always has new wheels on it.


I’ve been following this build on Instagram.  Another car that looked a lot better in person than on my iPhone.


PureVIP Nissan 350Z


DJRonalds “Twerk” Subaru WRX Wagon. At least the car has the “widen rear end” to twerk with.


Vankulture had a great lineup of vans for us to check out.


When you are in San Jose, take some time to check out Headliners if you are need of some hats. The owner of that boutique owns this clean Honda Odyssey.


I have always been a big fan of Work VS-XX wheels and it looks great on this Toyota Sienna.


K-Break LS40


Glen Cortez’s Supercharged GS400.  This car has always influenced me to do better with my car.  Glen has been a huge help in obtaining parts get it where it is today.


I saw this Mustang run at RaceWorz a month or so ago and was insanely fast.


I went to a CarsxHype meet a few weeks ago and met the owner of this car.  I was impressed with the work he was doing in his garage at a young age.  I do hope he keeps this up.  His builds will just get better in time.


Nicknamed “Betty White”, another build I followed closely on Instagram.  The attention to detail on the restore of this Datsun 510 wagon was intense.  The owner is a good friend of ours and his attention to detail was immaculate.  This car is nowhere near what he wants it to be at and will continue to restore this as time goes on.


I had the pleasure of parking next to this beauty.  Kris’ Toyota FJ Cruiser not only looks the part but is his true weekend warrior.  Funniest observations I saw all day were people thinking all of that dirt was just a wrap.  I even saw a model lean up against the FJ and realize, it really is mud and not a wrap of some sort.


Roy’s Mugen equipped Acura TSX.


I’ve seen this Acura Integra DC2 a lot over the years.  Pretty much proof that keeping it simple will make it timeless.


VIP styled Lexus 2IS within the Inspire lineup


One of the Mazda RX7 FDs with a LS* Swap also within the Inspire lineup


Directly across from the previously posted FD, is this Mazda RX7 FB has the heart of a Honda S2000.  I also enjoy the reworked Mugen M7s that were bolted on as well.


Lexus 2GS on display on the outside portion of the venue.


PureVIP also brought a 2GS out.


This Honda Accord was intriguing to me.  Simple and something we like to call “period correct”.  I haven’t seen a GReddy lip in years and appreciate the condition it was in.


Nissan 240SX widebody representing PureVIP


We were walking around checking out the cars and this Subaru STI caught our attention.  The interior details had some carbon fiber pieces that were very impressive.  We stopped and checked out the car for a bit


Nat’s infamous Black Pearl Complete Lexus LS460L.


I liked this picture because it shows the essence that the venue had.  That building held about 190 cars inside.


Another LS460L from Endless Projects.  Probably the last time we see this car in this state.  Lots of work in its future.


Did I say that I like a simple car?  This Infiniti G35 proves that.


Jessica’s Lexus GS350.  She also took home Best Female Ride that day.


Kris not only brought out his FJ Cruiser, but his wide body Acura NSX on air.  We laugh about the fact that we both own 2 cars are extreme opposites.  One car can be too low to drive around our city, and the other is too big to drive around in our city.


Widebody Mitsubishi Evo.  Color caught my eye.


Lloyd’s Vertex Nissan 240SX.  Lots of new upgrades in this motor recently to bring the build to an even higher level.


A really clean Volkswagon Bug that made the trek from Central California for the event.


Rocket Bunny Nissan GTR.  This car was also making the rounds online as it was rapidly build to its current state.



I’ll close it with my car.  It’s come a long way from when I started this build and VSC at the same time.  I am thankful for the mistakes I made along the way with the build and the headaches it gave me.

We had a blast at Blox Evolution this year.  One of my favorite awards they were giving out was a championship belt inspired by our childhood WWE / WWF events.  That award went to the Best of Show which was Phuong’s Widebody BMW from Speed Element.  Hopefully next year our friends at Blox can top what they pulled off this year.


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