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Can I afford to VIP?

Posted: December 5, 2010 at 9:40 pm   /   by   /   comments (1)

We had a New member of the forums asking this Question….

TheAfterMath writes….

with a budget of 13k ,Can I afford to VIP?

BLKonBLK98 writes…

“you won’t build an all out vip car on a 13k budget, even if you already had the car. what you can do is get a nice foundation to continue with.
the first, and most overlooked, step is maintenance. older cars are never perfect. you can keep this to a minimum by choosing a well cared for car that’s early in the scheduled maintenance cycle (not necessarily low miles). don’t blow your budget buying aftermarket parts with your fingers crossed, do preventive maintenance.

next is suspension. don’t assume just because you go coilovers your not going to spend some money. yeah, you can go with a “budget” coilover and keep the initial cost down but there are also ball joints that may fail under the new stress, bushings that may tear, and geometry to be corrected. a proper static suspension can easily cost as much as the average air setup.

once your height is addressed you will be able to determine your proper fitment so it’s wheel time. buying used or some quality lower priced wheels will help you stretch your budget. i recommend buying wheels that fit vs. going overly ambitious with fitment to keep your fender work to a minimum. about now you should be running out of cash.

to address the highlighted question: most people will probably say a kit is the next step but i’m not down (i’m a stock body fan). if you do go for aero you need to factor in paint. it also makes sense to address any previous damage or custom body work while its in for paint.

brakes would probably be my recommendation. not only will you be replacing old parts that are critical to driving, you’ll be improving the cosmetics (if you chose open faced wheels) as well as performance.

lighting (headlights, retrofits, leds, clears, etc.) is something you can address for a reasonable cost. no rush there imo.

detail parts (grills, spoilers, handles, pillars, etc.) are things you can do fairly cheap to set your car apart. again, no rush in my eyes. just pick them up as you have extra cash (or not at all).

interior can be taken care of at any time, but its part of an all out car (even if subtle). condition of the existing interior may bump this up on the list of priorities. same story with audio/visual.

engine performance/dress up is generally one of the last things to be addressed. a clean stock bay will do. in the event that something needs repair you may want to look at possible upgrades.

whatever you do don’t go on an accessory spree. it’s easy to get sucked in by all the little knick knacks when you’re new but they lose their appeal pretty quickly and are overpriced enough that you can blow a grip without even realizing it.”

Widebody_Q  writes…

“It can get very expensive depending on how far you take it. If you keep it to the basics, suspension and wheels, you can do it. Premium gas and a lower MPG are to be considered too.”

“Don’t forget the cost of tires. Most members here don’t get more than 6-7k life per tire.”

I personally believe If you Can’t afford to fill the car with gas because its a V8 or 6 then maybe you might not to get into the scene just yet

Some of the best responses I read are also posted in here now too

Follow along and add your input too.

I imagine it wasnt easy for people to start this scene with cars starting at 50k

Here is the Man and His Gs who started the Vipstyle scene/forum here in the states …. If you haven’t joined Please do !


Comments (1)

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  • December 5, 2010 at 9:59 pm Vip Dreamz

    you don’t even need 13k to start a vip project. you can pick up a 1st gen gs300 for under 5k and work from that. 2gs even go for around 7k and up.