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Finally – Formula Drift / Slammed Society Long Beach 2012

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Photos: Paul Liwanag

Finally I got around to posting my coverage of Formula Drift Rd 1 Long Beach 2012 / Slammed Society.  I apologize for how slow the updates have been for me.  It is something that we will work to improve on.  Now that we got that out of the way, lets get down to what we are here for.  I usually make it a point to head out to Formula Drift events in California.  It’s no secret that drifting is something that I have always enjoyed and still do.  Honestly, in 2000 before I began building the Junction Produce / GS400, I had an 1986 Corolla GT-S in the garage as my project.  The GS was simply the daily driver.  I had so many people leave notes on the car that eventually, I got an offer I couldn’t refuse.  With the 86 gone, I turned my attention to the GS.  As cliche as it may sound, and the rest is history…

FD rd 1 winner Justin Pawlak leads Daijiro Yoshihara in the finals

Here we have winner of Formula Drift Rd 1, Justin Pawlak leading Daijiro Yoshihara.  It was a great event to start the season with.  Daigo Saito made his Formula Drift debut with his 2JZ-GTE powered SC430.  That was honestly my favorite car of the event.  I could just be biased to high powered 2JZ motors or the Lexus SC430 chassis.  Either way, that car was pushing roughly about 1200hp and sure did sound like it.

Here is a picture of Daigo’s SC430 during his battle with Dai Yoshihara.  This to me was the duo that people wanted to see.  D1GP Japan Champ vs Formula Drift Champ.  Dai came on top and moved on to the final 2.  Still, not bad for Daigo Saito.  3rd place on his Formula Drift debut.

Motor shot of the SC430 piloted by Daigo Saito.  Like I said earlier, was one of my favorite cars of the event.  Loved how the motor sounded.  With that 1200hp, Daigo probably generated the most smoke out of all of the competitors that weekend.

Here is Dai Yoshihara’s Discount Tire / Falken S13.  Powered by a V8, its rumored that this particular car puts out over 600hp. I’ve seen how easy it is for this car to just start sliding. The suspension work is superb and its something that I can appreciate!

Now onto the pictures from Slammed Society by Fatlace event.  I had the honor along with our good friend Ojay Bayang to have our cars on display in front of the Fatlace booth.  As soon as you came into the Slammed Society paddock, you were greeted by our 2 cars.  It was a nice gesture by our friends over at Fatlace to hook us up with the spot.  Another great part of being parked where we were was that I got to also hang out with Shin and Osamu from Air Runner Systems who was right next to Fatlace.  Usually Shin allows us to park our GS with him so it was nice to be situated right next to them at this event.

This Y33 belongs to a friend of ours, Joey Lee from The Chronicles.  Its one of my favorite sites to visit. He always has some of the best coverage as well as some of the hottest photography.  Not to mention, a Y33 that is pretty clean.  I am a big fan of this build.

We took this photo early Saturday morning during roll-in.  This M35 has an impressive list of parts.  The Junction Produce body kit, GReddy VQ Turbo Kit, Air Runner suspension, and the Volk Wheels.  Not to mention the paint job.  Some people may not be a fan of the color-shift paint, but I will always hold on to it as a paint job that will catch your attention whether you like it or not.  It still caught your attention!

Here is that same M35 during the event.  Did I mention that this car is for sale? Seriously, for what he is asking, its not a bad price considering the work that went into this build.

I admit that the 3rd-gen GS line grew on me.  Especially this one.  Simple and nothing too crazy.  I’d love to just drive a car like this daily.

Miguel’s Y34 is also a car we get a chance to see a lot.  The new wheel setup is extremely clean.  Part of the Autofashion family, its a car that people will have to see in person to appreciate!

Royal Flush came out pretty strong this event.  One of the cars I enjoyed was this LS460.  The VIP Modular wheels were a nice touch.  Its a simple build, however this is one VIP Car that I would love to drive around in again.

Another car from Royal Flush, I am glad I finally got a chance to see Ray’s car in person.  I first saw pics of this on the VSC forums and was pretty taken back by it.  He did a good job in pushing the envelope in regards to camber and wheel fitment for VIP Car builds in the US.  Another car that I have to tell people that they need to see in person.  I hope to one day have this car featured here on VSC.  As well as the whole Royal Flush crew in a team feature here.

Another 2nd-gen GS from Royal Flush. I do like the touch of the color matched window visors on this silver car.  The size of the lips on these wheels were pretty damn big. Had to give props again to the Royal Flush crew.

Another car representing Royal Flush with a Y33.  Sitting on Work Equips as well.

Air Runner had this Dodge Challenger built by Jon Sibal in their booth.  I couldn’t take my eyes off this car.  I enjoyed the simplicity of the build.  The bronze wheels paired up with the matte black finish.  Not to mention the Air Runner system it had installed.  Made me think that I should get rid of my 08 Chevy Impala SS daily and get one of these! (yes, I do own an Impala as a daily)

Low n Slow were on hand as well with a great lineup of cars.  These guys also have a great lineup of cars.  Most I believe are running static on coil overs which is pretty amazing considering So Cal freeways.  This 1st-gen GS even had the LNS Crew license plate just in case you didn’t know he was reppin’ Low N Slow!

a SC400 from Low N Slow!

This LS400 belongs to a friend of mine, Michael.  From the Bay Area, he made this trek with a few of his buddies representing  Their trek to the Long Beach event was pretty intense.  A few stops because the MR2 needed to replace his shift linkage cable, a Miata and I believe suspension problems, and other unfortunate mishaps.  Still they made it to Long Beach and home regardless of the issues they ran into.  Also, Mike showed me his new wheels setup that he received that day from WheelFlip, Veilside Andrew Vs.

Once again, here is Ojay’s LS400.  It’s a build that I love explaining to people.  The quality of the paint job, the fender work, the interior work, and the wheels chosen.  All that may seem unconventional to most people, but for us Die-Hard VIP Car fans, it was a build that to me is “period correct”

I had to throw in this murdered out Porsche in.  Another build that I would love to have as a daily driver!

This pic was taken of my car during setup early Saturday morning.  Car actually looked shiny after the drive from San Francisco to Long Beach the day before.  In the background you see Air Runner getting their booth ready.

We start them early in the family.  My son loves to help clean the wheels of our car.  Its great to see that he’s showing some sort of appreciate for the car.  It could be his one day right?  Haha! However he’s striking a pose on this particular shot.

Before I get to the rest of the gallery coverage, I got to see this crash from my hotel room Friday morning during practice.  It was pretty intense from my vantage point.  The LSx motor was moved back pretty far.

That pretty much sums up our FD rd 1 coverage.  We do plan on attending some events outside of California this year.  Not sure which ones, probably the New Jersey one is what I am aiming for now.  We shall see.  Until then, sorry for the delay in the coverage.  Still one of my favorite events to attend and spectate at.


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