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Lower Than A Dark Cesar

Posted: May 23, 2011 at 3:08 am   /   by   /   comments (3)

Lower than a Dark Cesar

Chris out of Elmhurst NY just drove out of Dreamakers Kustoms in a Hearse, he’s killing it!  You might want to go ahead and add this to your list of favorite GS’ states-side as this one looks like it can be featured in a Japanese VIP magazine.

Pic Credits: Jermaine “33Flavors”

His GS430 consists of body work along with custom touches, all around the vehicle.  Every corner was pulled out to accommodate his aggressive new LuxuryAbstract “Admiror” wheels that are limited to 12 sets.  Anything you can think of most likely been done either here or in Japan, as the chassis is the most popular in the scene.  “Excluesiveonez” on the other hand, cooked up something that was not on the menu.  The combination of mods that you notice along with the ones that you don’t, truly make this a one-of-a-kind ride.

Sticking to Japanese roots, the body kit is full custom.  Although it appears much lower than stock, it hangs approx 1″ closer to the ground than OEM up front and on the sides.  With his new look, the vehicle sits lower than Drake’s Dark Cesar (hair cut).  The quarter panels tuck more than the lady-boy’s on Roosevelt avenue by his house. *Pause*

The modding style he went with has a strong euro feel to it from the full face step-lipped wheels, to the look of the body kit he had created.  The shaved inner tail lights compliment the rear bumper with reflectors well.  Had they been there, the back of the car would have been too busy which is also why he had the exhaust opening closed and the pipes hidden.  The lower body line and curves on the bottom of the bumper give it just enough detail to make up for the missing space on the trunk.

A mod you can’t see in pictures are his sequential turn signal tail lights which add the Japanese VIP feel to his ride.  Rather than blinking, the lights scroll side to side.

Chris is one of the original 5 Liberty Vip members and achieved “Bauwss” status right out the gate (the highest rank amongst crew mates).  During the past few years, the GS has been one of our most active show/meet participants.  He along with his car, often see a new state every weekend like he plays for the league.  You can say he assisted in doing some of the ground work in helping Liberty become what it is today and we are honored to have him on board.

The vehicle has come a long way since he been involved with the scene.  Slowly but surely, he got it done and left very few stones unturned.  According to the owner, he still has some more work to do until he feels his GS430 is “finished” but for the most part, Chris is smiling from ear to ear.  This is a great time for him and we are all genuinely happy at Liberty that he is finally getting his well deserved shine.  Well done.



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