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Motion 2012

Posted: June 6, 2012 at 2:30 pm   /   by   /   comments (1)

Photos: John Liwanag

We had the opportunity to bring our car down to Southern California for personal reasons.  Fortunately it fell during the Motion Auto Show.  We decided to go ahead and display the car.  Luckily, one of VSC’s sponsors, Autofashion, had room in their booth for our car.  I have to thank Freddie for allowing us at the very last minute to park our car with them.  I had a great time at this event.  It kind of brought me back to the old days of car shows, all the lights were on, and there was ample space between the cars and spectators.  While it didn’t feel crowded because of the spacing, you can tell that there was a good amount of spectators / car show entries present.  I got to see a few cars that I only see via build threads on our forums.  I also got to meet a lot of the owners of all these great VIP Car builds.  There were quite a few crews that were on hand with VIP Cars / VIP Style Cars.  Squad One, BP VIP, Style SixtyThree, Liberty West, as well as many others.  Squad One brought out their hand built LS430.  One of the most complete builds I have seen.  For more info on this build, you should check it out on our forums ( Build Thread on Forums ).  Liberty West brought out a hard lineup.   I spoke to Chris (Cuban_gs) during roll-in and he was kind enough to roll in a majority of the cars.  Style SixtyThree was there with a crazy lineup of Q45s.  The buzz that was around their Mode Parfume equipped Q45 was insane.  I finally got to see it in person and was blown away.  BP VIP had a small group available, however it was the quality that counts.  OJay, Big Mike, and others were on hand displaying their cars.  The Autofashion booth had a crazy lineup of VIP Cars.  Our boy Oscar (Pancakes) had his Q45 there.  Squad One’s aforementioned LS430 was parked in front with Big Steve’s LS400.  JC was parked behind Big Steve with a clean GS400.  Miguel’s M45, another big hitter from Autofashion’s stable, was on hand.  Mikey’s 300C and Ojay’s Lykabos LS400 parked with each other.  Dennis’s M45 and myself brought up the rear of the booth.  Last car in the Autofashion stable was Michael’s old School Skyline. Next to the Autofashion booth in conjunction with Standard Functions, was a crazy lineup of Ruckus’.  One of them was rocking a full-blown turbo kit.  I could not keep my eye off it.  Well on to the pictures I took.

Big Steve’s LS400.  One of my favorite LS400s out there.

For those of you following this thread, here is the Squad One LS430. Which also won 2nd Place Best VIP.

Rear shot of the Squad One LS430

Miguel’s M45 (3rd Place Best VIP)

Mikey’s Chrysler 300C

Oscar came out with his new wheel setup.  So clean!

Dennis’ M45, I really like the color of his car.

The homie JC’s GS. One of my favorite kits for 2GS in on this car.  Not to mention the Project Mu Brake setup is top notch.

Ojay’s Lykabos LS400 – 1st Place Best VIP

Style SixtyThree brought out some clean builds.  There was a lot of buzz around this Mode Parfume equipped Q45

Another Q45 from Style SixtyThree

Why33 from the VSC community.  Thank you for rocking the VSC sticker at Motion!

Big Mike from BPVIP in the Import Fashion booth

A really clean IS350.  Simple yet it makes a bold statement.

Liberty West brought out some heavy hitters.  Here is one of the LS400s they brought.

Another LS400 from Liberty West

A custom widebody 2GS from Liberty West.  I believe these wheels are for sale on our forums as well!

Kevin’s M45.  Thank you Kevin for supporting VSC from the start of our site.  One of the true OGs of our community.

Chris won the Best Stance award at Motion.  Making sure no one can touch the bar he raised when it came to the stance of his car.  Thank you for rocking the banner at Motion.

He was able to lay his phone completely under the rear tire.  Such a huge buzz around this car.

Another car I watched the build on, the Team Praxis TL.  One of the few setups where I really like how the gold rims fit on the car.

For anyone who follows me on Instagram, saw how excited I was about this car.  I wouldn’t mind driving my Prius if I built it like this.

I’m still a big fan of the Porsche Panamera.  Its either you love or hate this car, no in between.

Another one of my favorite So Cal crews, LowNSlow also had a few cars on hand.  Here is their 1GS.

I believe that this Camry also is a new member of the LNS crew.  Gotta give respect to someone for going outside traditional lines and building something different.

Just had to post this with Ojay just finding out that he won something.  Congrats fellas!


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