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Osaka Auto Messe Coverage Part 1

Posted: February 21, 2017 at 10:00 am   /   by   /   comments (1)

It’s been years since I have been back to Japan. Osaka Auto Messe is also one event that I never got a chance to attend. This year, I had my sights set on Osaka Auto Messe because it’s notoriously known for its VIP Car builds that attend. While Tokyo Auto Salon brings out the big guns in our JDM genre but I really wanted to see a lot of the builds that come out to Osaka Auto Messe. I started to plan this visit with Carlin of Impact Performance plus Nat and Elvin of Endless Projects. I was to attend Wekfest Hawaii the weekend before our planned departure for Japan. I figured I could go home to SF for 24 hours after Hawaii so I can fly with the guys to Japan. We would land on Friday morning in Japan but had plans to visit one of the Work Wheels Facilities as soon as we landed. I will cover that visit and the other Work Wheels facilities visit on the Monday after Osaka Auto Messe. For now, I will keep this on Osaka Auto Messe.

Osaka Auto Messe which was being held at Intex Osaka which consisted of roughly 6 buildings. Each building had a good amount of cars / vendors in it with a majority of the vendors being in building 6a and 6b. The building I was most interested in was building 4. A majority of my coverage will come from there. I didn’t spend much time covering the other buildings unless it was VIP Car related. I did derive a bit from the VIP Cars and took a few vans, K-Cars, and other non VIP Cars that caught my eye. Other than that, vendor coverage was pretty low-key for me. I was really interested to see what the VIP Car builders were doing out in Japan. I wanted to see what trends they were following plus where the differences are in regards to what we do out here in the US vs out in Japan. One of my first observations was the trunk work. I like to spend a lot of time looking at people’s trunk setup. My current trunk setup is going through its planning for the next stage. Whenever I work at Wekfest events, I always want to know what’s going on inside the trunk. My biggest takeaway from Osaka Auto Messe was that the cars showing off their trunk followed the same opinion that I have about trunks. I do not care about your air line setup or your tank setup. Out here in the US we spend a lot of money and time on these “hardline” setups and while I appreciate the work for it, I just love a trunk with an audio/video setup. It could just be my old school ways. I respect you guys for your hard-line setups but I just would rather appreciate the audio/video work. The other interesting observeation was the lack of interior tables and accessories like neck pads. Now I did see a few cars that had some but a majority did not. I can’t say that I looked in every single car but I tried to look into quite a few cars. If they did have a table, I must have overlooked it on the first day but I tried looking again on the second day on different cars and I didn’t see many tables at all. Plus, Garson had their front tables for roughly ¥20,000. I don’t remember their tables being marked down so much. I didn’t see many cars with the nicknamed VIP Car starter kit which includes a Fusa / Kintsuna and neck pads. Who knows, it could just be an US VIP Car thing now. These are just some of my observations on the cars I saw.

I was also looking forward to supporting my good friends Freddie and Kevin from Autofashion plus Joey and Tiffanie of The Chronicles. Both Autofashion and The Chronicles were going to be featured in the Mode Parfume booth. I thought it would be cool to be there to show some support to some of my closest friends. I am fortunate enough to travel all around the US with Joey and Tiffanie since we get to do the judging and coverage for Wekfest at all of their US events. I’ve always told Joey I would want to travel with him to Japan to check it out from his point of view, so being able to meet up with him in Osaka was something I was looking forward to. Freddie and I grew up in the Southeast San Diego area. While we ran with different “cliques”, I was still fortunate to know Freddie and able to keep the friendship as we grew into the car scene. At one point during the event; Kevin, Freddie, Joey, Tiffanie, myself, plus Carlin, Yuta, and Yazu from Exceed were sitting inside the Mode Parfume booth just chatting. At that point, it felt surreal to me to be sitting with some of my closest friends in another country in a booth of a builder that I highly respect. I began to feel nostalgic with all of this car stuff. My VIP Car journey started in Osaka and here I was back in Osaka trying to find it again. I couldn’t of asked for a better group of people to be around while this was happening. I just wanted to personally thank all of them for always supporting me with plus to push me when I wanted to quit. To also tell me my photography sucked so I had to re-learn it (well it still isn’t good but then again, I’ve seen worse now a days since everyone buys a DSLR and thinks now they are some god-given photographer.)

Enough of my nostalgic feelings. I’m sure I will go over this again soon. For now, let’s go ahead and start with my coverage of Osaka Auto Messe. I plan on breaking up the coverage into 2 parts, one of the first times I ever had to do it. I usually get extremely selective with my photos but this time, I wanted to capture a lot. Lets dive into it!

We arrived 30 mins before the doors opened. This was the line to get in.

As soon as I walked in, I was greeted by these Super GT cars. The Carbon Fiber Lexus RC F obviously caught my eye.

The Super GT Lexus RC F and Acura NSX parked next to each other.

I couldn’t really get any good shots from the front so I walked around to the back of the booth.

Super GT Nissan Skyline GTR R35

Walked into the first building not knowing I needed to head over to Building 4 and I found the Kuhl’s Racing Toyota Vellfire. I’ve seen their R35 GTRs and their WRX in person many times before but I was in awe when I saw their Vellfire in person.

I finally found my way into building 4 and immediately stopped by this Toyota Crown.

Checked out this Nissan Cedric Y34 from Niso Low. They had a one-off aero kit with VIP Modular Wheels on. The part that caught my eye was that they swapped in a VQ35 and a 6-speed manual transmission

Duex brought out their Toyota Crown 218 sitting on Work Wheels Meister L1

Car Shop Cross Eight Toyota Prius.

Simply named King of Crown, this was one car I was looking forward to seeing in person. Also showcasing with Duex, this Toyota Crown is an amazing build. I briefly met the owner in the Mode Parfume booth via Freddie but we didn’t get a chance to talk about the car.  One of my favorites from this year’s event.

Crazy Widebody Lexus LS460. There is an insane amount of work going on with this car. I gotta hand it to them for the work done.

Simple yet stunning Toyota Crown

Continuing with the Widebody theme, we checked out this Toyota Crown Majesta from NBT Complete.

NBT Complete Toyota Crown Athlete GRS200

NBT Complete Toyota Century. Keeping with the Widebody theme that the NBT Complete cars all have.

Another crazy Widebody Toyota Crown Athlete GRS200 build from NBT Complete.

Another Toyota Century from NBT Complete

Y34 Nissan Cedric from Garage Excellent. Another car I have followed online and was pleased to finally see in person. Also on Work Wheels Meister L1

Y33 Nissan Cima also from Garage Excellent. I do love how the wheel fitment is and how the camber is pretty much near matching between the front and rear.

One more widebody build sitting on Work Meister M1

K.Break x Liberty Walk LS460. This build popped up all over our social media feeds during Tokyo Auto Salon. I spend a lot of time around some notable LS460s back home, some also have wide bodies, however this one is wide as hell. Sure wish the rear doors opened tho.

Kato-san and Ohbayashi-san, the brains behind Liberty Walk and K.Break. Everytime I see these two, they always have a smile on their face. Who could blame them? I mean they get to work on some pretty dope builds in their own genre.

BEECAS by K.Break Toyota HiAce. Oh and a model. I was standing right here as she walked up so I was able to beat the mobs that show up when the models start to do their thing. As soon as that started to pile up, my time at the K.Break booth was over.

Did I ever tell you all that I have a thing for Toyota Crowns?

K.Break equipped Toyota Aristo.

K.Break equipped Nissan President. One of the few cars I saw with curtains present.

K.Break Toyota Soarer. I should have spent more time checking this car out personally.

MJK Customs LS460 F Sport. Sporting one of the cleanest widebody kits for the LS460. Very subtle and will be missed by most people. I admit I was kinda checking out the Work Wheels Emitz at first then I saw the widened body lines.

Another LS460 from MJK Customs. Also sporting their widebody kit plus Work Wheels Emitz.

Forgot to take notes on this car in particular. Still couldn’t leave it out from my photo coverage.

Club Fifty y32 Cima. Another build we’ve seen a lot online. The motor alone is worth the extra look.

Another NBT Complete Widebody Toyota Crown Athlete GRS200

Spark Fine Toyota Century that I spent a lot of time looking at but not taking too many photos of it. Other than Toyota Crowns, I also have a huge infatuation with the Century lineup.

370 Factory Toyota Crown Athlete. Love the color combo of this car. Not to mention the body work was extremely clean.

Also representing 370 Factory is this Toyota GS from Team Aspiration.

Toyota Crown Athlete sporting a Fusa. It was extremely rare to see but this setup with the mild flares and matte finish was extremely eye-catching.

How many more Toyota Crowns can I fit into Part 1 of Osaka Auto Messe coverage? I have to admit the orange captured my eye quickly.

The Takada Y33 Carbon Fiber build. The car was painted to blend in with the carbon fiber body panels. At first glance you don’t see it but upon closer inspection you see where it all blends in.

Nissan Fuga Y50 with the bolt on flares over the Work Wheels Seekers

Crystal Garage Toyota Mark X – GRX120 on Work Wheels Schwerts SC5. If I am reading my notes right, it’s a 11″ with a -49 offset in the rear and  10″ with a -37 offset in the front.

Toyota Crown Athlete JZS171 from N.K Spirit. Had the full roll cage installed matching the interior accents.

Garage Startin Toyota Crown GRS182 with a K.Break kit on SSR Professors. I posted this one to our Instagram page during the event. It was something I couldn’t ignore. Everything about this build exterior wise seemed perfect to me.

I only took the rear of the Forzato IS R-Pride because of the setup with the Ruckus and carrier attached to the tow hitch of the car. Let’s see someone do this back home!

Goma Garage Toyota Crown Athlete GRS204. The rear fenders on this Crown was insane. Molded in where it can be but still allowed for the bumper to be removed, gas tank door is OEM, and the rear doors open.

Just one of the many Toyota CH-Rs we saw at Osaka Auto Messe. This one was with T-Demand.

Man.Z Factory Toyota Crown GRS200 across from the T-Demand booth.

C2Duty Toyota Celsior UCF30. I won’t lie if I say that this orange also didn’t catch my eye.

Crystal Garage Toyota Celsior UCF20. I could not get enough of this build. Also was sitting across from the T-Demand booth. Obviously by how the car sits, it is utilizing its T-Demand components pretty well. Hands down one of my personal favorites from the event.

Toyota Mark-X GRX130 is utilizing the T-Demand “Air Drive” suspension setup.

Jet Stroke Toyota GS in the T-Demand booth.

Fore Front Nissan Fuga Y51 with T-Demand.

Also from Fore Front, this is a V37 Skyline 350GT.

Toyota Prius C – NHP10 from Reffect. I am unsure of how Reffect came to be? Does it mean Reflect? Who knows but I won’t judge.

I am going to end Part 1 of the Osaka Auto Messe coverage on this Toyota LS460 by the exit doors of building 4. I am pretty sure this was the crazy Black Pearl LS460 that was running around awhile back with a new front end. Interestingly enough the passenger side mirror was deleted and instead a camera and a mini DJ system was added in its place. To make up for that mirror delete, the camera feeds a monitor on the A-Pillar on the driver’s side. Eventually this got stanchioned off so the DJ behind it can play his tunes and they had some dancers doing their thing next to it. If you ever wanted to know how extreme Japanese VIP builders can get, well this is the build for you.

Thank you all for checking out the first part of my coverage of Osaka Auto Messe. Part Two should be coming up later this week. After that, please look forward to my coverage of the visits to four different Work Wheels facilities while we were out in Japan.


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