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San Francisco Auto Salon 2013 Coverage

Posted: March 13, 2014 at 10:09 pm   /   by   /   comments (1)


Photo and Words: John Liwanag

Since its Thursday, decided it would be a good time to participate in “Throwback Thursday”.  In November 2013 we were fortunate enough to be a part of an event that was taking place within the San Francisco International Auto Show.  It was our second year working on this event named San Francisco Auto Salon.  We wanted to bring together cars from multiple genres.  Muscle Cars, Euro, Time Attack, Old School, JDM, and VIP cars were all in attendance.  Our good friends from Endless Projects are the minds behind the event and allowed us to be a huge participant.


This Mazda RX7 has made it rounds all over the internet.  Built by our friends over at Dream Team SF, they replaced the stock rotary with the heart of a Honda S2000.  The motor looks as if this was originally the heart of the RX7.  While Mazda purists may call this a blasphemy, I simply applaud them for going outside the box.  One more thing to add to this car, the rims it normally sits on are a set of Mugen M7s…


I always felt that if I didn’t continue working on my GS400 I know I would be hung up on an old school Toyota.  This Toyota Corolla TE27 is immaculate.  Paint job was brilliant and it could also be cause I have grown biased towards orange paint jobs.


We will see more on this car in the near future here on VSC.  PURE VIP has always been large supporters of us here at VSC and we were happy to see them at SF Auto Salon.  This car is static and made the drive from Sacramento to downtown San Francisco.


GT Auto Concepts based out of San Carlos, CA brought out a couple of Lamborghini Aventadors.  This white Aventador was equipped with a Liberty Walk kit.  Nothing like hearing the roar that comes outside of these raging bulls, especially when they are inside a freight elevator.  It resonated all throughout the ballroom.


It was a pleasure to have SS Shaun bring out this beast of a Chevelle SS.  This is one car that I was glad to see in person.  Normally I see it moving and moving really fast.  This car has a well known reputation amongst street car enthusiasts in Northern California.


Another really clean Chevelle that came out to the event.  It was good to see American Muscle invade a car show that is normally dominated by Asian and European Imports.


BecauseBags brought out the David Ngyuen from VIP Modular’s BMW 5-series wagon.  Now wide body with a fresh paint job, this car was another huge attraction.  I am a huge fan of this car for the amount of modifications on it.  While a lot you cannot see, David obviously did not leave any stone unturned.  This is one of my favorite all around builds.


Dina Sakai from ATS Garage was present with her wide body Honda S2000.  Another staple in the Northern California automotive scene.  Chris and Dina Sakai have a Honda enthusiasts dream garage with this S2000 and Chris’ EK build.


This sparkling painted Zenki 240sx represents the Speed Element camp based out of San Jose, CA.  There is quite a few 240SXs running around Northern California and this surely is one of the more widely known and recognized builds.  Owned by Beatrice Wong, she always proves that the ladies can hang with the guys when it comes to showcasing cars at an event.


Sticking to showing the guys whats up, this 69 Camaro SS is also female owned.  This car won Best Female car at the event.


And this is her husband’s car.  One of the nicest guys I got to chat with at the event as well.  I do hope I get to see more of their cars and builds in the future.  I have been following the progress of a new build coming from them and I can’t wait to see it completed.


Oh yeah, this is their son’s car.  This is the family to run with.  All 3 Chevy builds are amazing.


One of the All-Roads that came with BecauseBags came before the rest of the crew came during roll-in.  I decided to spend time looking over the car.  I wouldn’t mind having a daily drive like this.  I couldn’t tell you all the mods that this car has off the top of my head but I enjoyed the simplicity and cleanliness that this car had.


This was a clean Evo sitting on CCWs.  Representing another team which is a huge supporter of SF Auto Salon, Team Rev.



IMG_8774 IMG_8770

Our good friends at VANKulture proved that you can still drive a family ride and heavily modify it.  All of these Toyota Siennas are using Air Suspension setups which you would find in other builds.  This was a hit amongst the spectators who drive these vans daily.


Here is the rest of the photos I have.  I had a blast helping plan this event with Endless Projects.  We had a great mix of cars at our 2013 event.  Our plans are to be back in November 2014 with the 3rd annual San Francisco Auto Salon.  For more info please visit


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