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Spocom Anaheim 2014

Posted: July 16, 2014 at 9:35 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

Words / Photos: John Liwanag

We took the trek down from Northern California to check out Spocom at the Anaheim Convention Center.  I learned that I need to be quicker at getting the GS ready so I can start to do coverage of the event.  I got started late and there were a lot of people inside at that time.  For Spocom, I just wanted to specialize on the VIP cars that I found inside the event with a few non VIP car favorites sprinkled in.  Honestly, visit our good friend’s site, The Chronicles, for amazing complete show coverage.


Let’s start with our good friend Jessica Pabro’s GS350.  I have had the pleasure of watching this car during its amazing build.  Not only is it carrying the Black Pearl Complete kit, the custom painted Hello Kitty engine covers are just insane.  It needs to be seen in person to appreciate.


One of 2 VIP cars that Squad One brought out.  Majority of their cars are hand crafted inside their own personal garage rather than at a shop of some sort.  Paint and body were performed by the owner and not at a “conventional body shop” but inside a garage at home.  Another car you need to see in person.  There are very subtle but important mods to this car.  For one that I would think 99% of Lexus enthusiasts won’t catch is the front bumper of the car.  Yes it is an L-Sportline front bumper, however its been extended and reshaped to fit the build.


The infamous Squad One LS430.  I honestly think a car like this should win best of show all the time.  Lots of one off, custom work which was done basically in their “backyard”.  The LS was white for a long time but they decided to try out a new color.  Like the red GS from earlier, the small details in this build needs to be appreciated.


Rene’s 1st gen Lexus GS300.  Full Junction Produce build.  Also a member of the team we are affiliated with, Endless Projects


Team Hybrid brought out a Job Design equipped Lexus LS460


I saw this Mercedes for the first time at Spocom Nor Cal. Good to see a car not normally seen in the US VIP car world.



Mike Vo’s 3rd Gen Lexus GS350.  Rocking a wide body and a custom front end with some details from Thailand’s VIP builder known as BabyBearGangster.  Just recently he installed custom LED Tails which isn’t as gaudy as the Central Pine ones but does the job just fine.


Raymond’s Lexus GS430 from Royal Flush.


Lexus IS-F from Royal Flush


Droo Vo’s Y33 Infiniti Q45.  From what I was told, this car is now for sale.  Still one of the cleanest Y33 out here.


Job Design Lexus GS wrapped by MVWraps


In the K2Motor booth was the Endless Projects Lexus LS460L.  Sporting a custom wide body with the Black Pearl Complete kit.  Once again this car changed wheels and is constantly evolving.  Nat is keeping the guys at Impact Performance extremely busy.  Diamond Autobody in Sacramento, CA did a great job on the rear fenders as well as the custom hood.



Ojay’s Toyota Previa on custom BBS wheels.  Won Best Stance at the show as well.  Hands down one of my favorite vans in the US.


Phaze2 BMW 5series in the Toyo Booth. The Phaze2 guys never cease to amaze me with their builds.


Kevin Falk’s Infiniti M45 from Liberty West.  Another staple in the VIP car community.  He’s always been involved with the scene and willing to build the car his way.


Clean Lexus GS from Liberty West


Another Lexus from the Toyo Tires booth


Lexus GS sitting on Kranze Bazreia


Elroy’s 1st Gen GS from Autofashion.  Keeping an eye out for this build.  Most people would of stopped where this car sits now but not the guys at Autofashion.  Can’t wait to see whats in store for this car.


During roll-in, a few of us were waiting our turn go inside and we saw this car in the lot.  We all thought to ourselves, I would rock a Kia like that for a daily driver.


Lexus LS430.  Extremely clean and simple.  Nothing too over the top and over done.  A great build overall


Those of you close to me know how much I want to start a Porsche Panamera.  After seeing this one from TWCompetition, it solidifies why I want one so bad.


R-Rydes “Air Force” GTR with the Liberty Walk wide body kit.


Endless Projects Toyota Supra owned by Silas Lee.  This car is slowing changing with the new wheels, GT Wing / Mirrors, and Bride Seats.  Another true “endless project”


I will always maintain this this car is one of the ultimate builds for me.  I have a huge bias for Toyota Corolla GT-S and I sort of regret getting rid of mine.  I would of never brought it to this level but I appreciate the work that went into this one.



Some old school Toyota Celicas to close out the coverage.  The last few cars weren’t VIP cars, I know but I just wanted to share some favorites from the event.  I want to personally thank everyone over at Spocom for another smooth event.  Any hiccups we ran into with the event was self-inflicted and Spocom was gracious enough to work with us to fix it.  We had a blast at the event and hopefully as time goes on, more VIP Cars will start to enter these type of shows.  Thanks for the read!

– John


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