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StanceNation Texas Coverage

Posted: July 4, 2014 at 12:36 pm   /   by   /   comments (3)

Words / Photography : Nick Lopez “AirMax” of

Only recently have I started going to carshows again to actually enjoy the cars rather than just hang out with friends. I decided a few months ago to take a long weekend and go to Dallas for StanceNation TX in hopes that I wouldn’t be let down. Local “stance” cars are pretty janky and they seem like they are just a cheap set of used wheels with forgotten paint and blurred factory fenders. For a long time I have felt this scene has been lacking in the details department, but lately I feel like certain style builds are starting to really pick up the slack which makes me really want to see whats coming out next.


This Dallas event did not disappoint, along with the usual hard hitters from Refined Elegance, Futura Brakes, and Team 5 Star, Agim from Luxury Abstract made the long trek all the way from NY with a display of his artwork and a few samples from his wheel line.


ISS Wheels brought out their Aimgain VIP Sports Widebody ISC which is always a crowd pleaser.


Thomas Pinai of Refined Elegance brought out his supercharged GS400 to lay out in the Accuair booth with his new carbon fiber front lip. Thomas is always on top of things with his attention to detail.

4-14565761905_1b31859e44_h 5-14564092364_c95c7db7ac_h 6-14562384091_d00c20337c_h 7-14379173539_cda0013e99_h

Gio from Futura Brakes brought out his LS430 with new fiber optic hood liner.

8-14542672736_153d61a02d_h 9-14562382181_1043af1bd7_h

Daniel of VIP’d Out trading marketing secrets with Agim from Luxury Abstract. Its been really good to see these guys and their companies grow.


New on the scene is this LS600 from I think Dorbitz Designs. The car has extended bumpers and sideskirts along with suicide rear doors and matching umbrella case.

11-14379083690_43e8c37916_h 12-14564959962_07ea713b49_h

One of my favorates as always, Johnel Vidad (from Refined Elegance) LS460 with new custom vented fenders. Look for more of this soon as we have a tentative feature somewhat scheduled.

13-14562384951_8f11b9704f_h 33-14564960042_d613eb37ef_h

Squirrel Squad brought out their 2GS with custom built LS460 bumpers. If I recall correctly this car placed first VIP or in the Lexus class.


Pretty cool to see was this Cadillac ATS on air and VIP Modular Wheels.


As I am a HUGE Z fan there are many Z’s in Texas that rock the stance look, but what really draws me is the GT style builds. This was the first time I had seen this Z33, The Amuse widebody kit with INGs GT wing really had me. I never got a chance to speak to the owner unfortunately. Def one of my personal favorite cars at the show.


The best of show car was no surprise to me with some new details that have been added recently. Tom from Team 5 Star brought out his S2000 with the usual AMS aero and Spoon hardtop that I have grown accustomed to seeing. He recently added a custom built turbo kit and custom rebarreled Mugen MF10 wheels. Not to mention a custom set of LED tails by Car Shop Glow.

17-14564931942_f97909fb1a_h 14565759935_73487fe109_h

Here are the rest of the photos from the event.


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  • July 4, 2014 at 1:04 pm originalgarage

    i believe the suicide door ls460 was built by another shop and is now at dorbitz for a rebuild. i saw a post on ig that they were going to fix the blotchy pearl paint, failing suspension, and crooked suicide rear doors.

  • July 4, 2014 at 1:12 pm jimmay

    Correction. The LS460 is now at Kustomz Unlimited for a rebuild.