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The Genesis of Vipdout builds

Posted: March 10, 2014 at 2:54 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)


 Photography by Steven Santiago / Written by John Liwanag

I have had the pleasure of working with James Church, over at, for a few years now and he has become one of my greatest promoters and motivators.  I don’t think I could get as much done without the help that James continually provides me.  When I brought my GS400 back from the dead, James was starting out with his first VIP build, also a GS400.  What was great was that while they were the same car, our build types were completely different.  James went after that fitment game that VIP is known for while I kept it very “EXE” and had a simple look to it.  James one day calls me up and says, “I’m selling all of my cars and going to focus on one new build.  I want one that isn’t readily known for “VIP Cars”.  We discussed many options and the one he was set on was the Hyundai Genesis 5.0 sedan.  While there was already a few floating around on VSC, James felt he could put his own twist on it.


First thing James wanted to do was to address the stance of the car.  He contacted Garcia Factory USA and was able to source a set of Air Force Suspension struts.  Once the suspension arrived, he went over to Impact Performance in San Francisco, CA to complete the suspension.  At Impact Performance they went ahead and added a plethora of AccuAir pieces, including the E-Level to manage the Air Force struts and an I-Level so that James can control his E-Level via his iPhone.  Impact Performance then added a chrome 5 Gallon tank which is filled by a dual 444 Vi-Air compressor setup.  All of these items was placed neatly inside the spare tire area.  While the car was there installing the Air Suspension setup, James also decided to go into the Work Wheels catalog and picked up a set of Work Gnosis GS4.  He chose to go with a matte bronze finish with matte black hardware. Up front, 20×9.5 +25 offset were bolted on while on the rear James used 20×10.5 +25 offset.  As for tires, he hit up Toyo Tires and used 225/35/20 on the front and 245/35/20 on the rear.  The Work Gnosis GS4 setup left a good amount of space for a big brake setup.  James went with a Big Brake setup from Futura Design.  The Front kit uses the Super Series 8 Pot caliper with a 380 mm rotor.  The Rear kit uses the 6 Pot caliper with a 365 mm rotor.  Deciding to think outside of the box, James chose an anodized pink for the caliper color and top hats of the rotors.  The pink sitting behind the matte bronze is a color setup that even I was skeptical about but came out extremely well.  It’s a great contrast between the two colors where it doesn’t steal the spotlight from each piece.


Now that the suspension and wheels had been addressed, James was then focused on the exterior of the build.  Once again he reached out to Garcia Factory USA for a majority of the exterior portion.  James ordered a few Garcia Factory pieces while adding some OEM Genesis Prada items to complete out the exterior.  He was set on using the Garcia Factory Type 2 front lip and side-skirts.  It’s a clean setup that helps bring the body closer to the ground.  To round out the body modifications he grabbed a Genesis Prada grille with a front mount camera.  The last part of the major upgrades visually were the Genesis Prada headlights.  These headlights use Quad port LED HIDs and an acrylic light that runs through the whole headlight.  James then brought these pieces over to 5Fifteen Autobody to have the body pieces color matched to the factory black paint.  To keep the interior cabin cool James once again opted for the Mercedes Blue tint installed all around by VIP Tint+Glass.  Right after the tint was installed, window visors with chrome trims from Auto Clover were grafted on.


Moving on to the interior, VIPDout is known for their front trays.  These trays are a piece of most VIP car builds in the US which is usually installed on the front dash over the passenger glove box.  Made popular by the likes of Junction Produce and Garson, James started VIPDout to enter the US market with custom built trays. First thing added was the signature piece from VIPDout: the VIP Line type 2 tray finished in Rosewood.  Along with the tint, James reached into the Bellezza catalog and used tan curtains on all four windows to keep eyes out of the interior.  More Bellezza creature comforts added were tan suede perforated neckpads.  Going with the pink theme from the Futura Brake setup, it creeped into the interior as well.  James went ahead with the Junction Produce Tsuna and Fusa in Pink.  Lastly, for the lighting in the interior, James swapped in a full pink LED bulb setup


Now to quote James directly. “Huge shout out to everyone from my immediate family and close friends for helping get through selling my prized possessions for one car.  We know that seemed insane at the time.  Tony at Garcia Factory for getting all the rare parts this car needed to get started.  Futura Design for the amazing brake setup.  AccuAir for the product and giving out shouts on Instagram.  Carlin at Impact Performance for install my parts correctly and efficiently.  Kris at 5Fifteen Autobody and my local painter Barry Washington.  This list can go on forever but I appreciate everyone who helped on the KDM build for Vipdout.  It takes a lot to go outside of the box and hope this encourages others to do the same.  Oh and huge shout out to John and for building a VIP Style community online.”

I want to thank James and Steven for allowing us to run these photos for our feature.  I know this photo set has been featured online before and wanted to still show some respect to those who ran it already.  I wanted to give homage to a good friend and an all around impressive build.  Besides, he built me a sick custom Lego front tray for my GS400.



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