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VIP Lounge Episode 21 Podcast

Posted: August 8, 2017 at 11:41 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

I got really behind on getting this podcast out to you guys. My apologies. We recently released a new shirt so a lot of my attention has been focused to that over the past week and this morning I jumped into working on the shirts that I forgot to finish this podcast! Still working out the kinks to my new Microphone as I start to work on different ways of changing the podcast up a bit. Crazy, sometimes I should just remind myself to slow the f**k down and just enjoy whats in front of me.

This week’s podcast we bring on Johnel Vidad and Nick Ross from Houston, TX. I always had an affinity for the Texas scene and recently was blessed with the creation of an Endless Projects TX. I couldn’t get my words together at some points because of how excited I am with this. Johnel and Nick both joined along side with Thomas and many other good friends of ours through our many travels to Texas. Johnel and Nick also own a company named Lucky Brakes ( Check out their brake setups when you can. Also both of them are some of the first members of VSC from back in the day. They go in depth about the builds they had, Johnel had one of my favorite 2GS builds from back then. Then out comes Johnel’s LS460 with the updated front end and Aimgain widebody. Nick had a DC plus a 2GS as well but now owns a couple legendary LS’s, LS400 and LS430.

This episode, we just went into our conversations. No scripts, no preparations of bullet points. I would much have that organic feel than one that sounds like a news report. Thanks again to everyone who listens to our podcast and always checks in on me to make sure one is coming out today! lol I do this for you guys and gals.


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