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VIP Lounge Episode 23 Podcast

Posted: August 24, 2017 at 9:00 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

Made it to episode 23. I apologize for the podcast being late a few days. With all the traveling we had planned plus I literally wanted to take a short nap before our scheduled recording and that backfired.

Man, what a weekend. Pretty much the Wekfest East event can humble you quickly and it surely humbled me. I try to see it from every angle possible. From the people who enter their cars, from the vendors, from the spectators, from the venue management, and from our point of view. Its always tough because theres always a give and take with any of that. As much as we want to get it perfect for everyone, it’s a grueling thought process. I didn’t get the load in right for the first time in my career of loading in venues and events. I missed getting in a few cars. Regardless of whos at fault, I’m not here to point fingers at anyone but myself. Not Wekfest, not the venue, not any vendors, or anyone. We all have something to add to it. I should of planned out things differently and I should of tweaked things a bit more than I did. What I was proud to see was that everyone was trying to come together to figure it out. Of course in the end it didn’t entirely work out but I tried. Some vendors, mainly RAVSpec, was gracious enough to move things around and condense things as much as possible to fit in more cars. I think they were unfortunately targeted by some unhappy guests about RAVSpec having too much room but in the end they didnt know they were trying to help us out by allocating more space when they didn’t need to. The cars were great though. I got to see some bad ass VIP Cars there. Nate (Q45), Sermon (3rdGen GS), and Mike(LS400) came out with some heat. “VIP All Stars” they listed as their team name on their cars. Japanese Classics brought out a fantastic booth showcasing the cars they imported here into the US. As always, good catching up to everyone out there. I’m glad that even with everything going crazy around us, we were still able to catch up and just see how everyone is doing. I hope to come back again for other reasons. I would love to see more of the cars out there. So with that, here is Episode 23!


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