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VIP Lounge Episode 26 Podcast

Posted: September 12, 2017 at 11:20 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

You gotta hear this one. It was one for the ages. We brought on a special guest that I knew would bring some topics forward that we may never discuss. While it’s not really in the VIP car realm, it’s something that I always believed in. We brought in a good friend from the Domestic car realm, our friend “Spider”. He drives a Corvette grand sport.  Take a peek at his Instagram down below to check it out.

We basically talk about the differences between the Import and Domestic car event world. Plus discuss the events where we try to diversify it and bring both together. Yes, we get extremely passionate during this podcast and even get defensive on both ends. It is still a great podcast to check out. Some great questions brought up by Spider, James, Rene, and Dennis. While not everyone’s experience will be the same as ours or Spiders whenever we go outside of the box and go to a different genre of a car show, it is still something that we should all try out sometime. I enjoy going to car shows now a days that isn’t from the Import genre. I like to see what other genres are doing plus all of the innovation that they may have that we don’t think of.

Spider is extremely outspoken and passionate about his world. Take a listen, enjoy!  Don’t forget to join us in our Discord channel as well. We chat often in there plus we record our podcast there so people can listen to it live.

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