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VIP Lounge Episode 27 Podcast

Posted: September 19, 2017 at 9:20 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

Good morning! Back on track with the podcast and had to bring on one of the OG VIP guys out there. I was thrilled when Max DeMasters from Liberty VIP accepted the idea of being a guest on our podcast. Running with a non-traditional platform as well. It’s great to hear his story and his view on things. It’s something I didn’t mention last night because I was so caught up with just listening to his story that its refreshing to know that someone built his car regardless of what is out there. I see a lot of “Why build that car, it’s not a cool car.” or “Why build that car, everyone has that car.” So what is it? Which one are you going to pick? With Max, it didn’t matter what ANYONE else was thinking, he was going to build HIS CAR, HIS WAY. I appreciate that and I will always respect that.

Last night was a perfect reason why we decided to record these podcasts live with a chat room. It isn’t about “the download numbers” or “the impressions” the podcasts will get for us. I just want us as a community to get together again. Regardless if we don’t agree with each other’s opinion or are bothered for some odd reason by a certain person. That doesn’t matter, but getting a group of like-minded individuals together. We spend so much time bickering or putting each other down over some stupid shit. Everything feels like there is some hidden agendas or some personal gain from all of this. Well, my agenda is simple…  Bring back a community. I can’t expect everyone to all want to get down with it because so many folks are close-minded or only care about themselves. I get it, I really do. However, I just want to share my thoughts not to change those who will always keep their minds closed but to let everyone who wants it to change that they are not alone. We got a home for you. It was the principle we started VSC on many moons ago. VIP Car builds weren’t accepted in almost all online communities back then, so we created our own.

Shout out to the Liberty VIP crew for staying up late to support their boy Max. So crazy to see a large group of the crew comes out to support their boy. It was a lot of fun to just enjoy the moment and share a few laughs. I appreciate you guys for it and respect the support shown. I was humbled by it.

Join us next week on Discord channel when we go live to listen as well as chat with us. Find us at I tested a live video stream on Twitch as well last night. We may do that again, who knows. Just in case, follow us if you are on Twitch as well.

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