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VIP Lounge Episode 29 Podcast

Posted: October 3, 2017 at 11:01 am   /   by   /   comments (0)

Finally got to finish the edit of the podcast. Can’t believe we are sitting on Episode 29. We may have missed a few days but we never missed a week to record the podcast. I know it’s not some crazy milestone but it’s something that I am extremely proud of now. We have become some quirky bunch with some serious touches here and there. Making the transition to a live recording where people can listen to us live and chat with us accordingly has been fun. Since we moved to that, sometimes the podcast can seem off cause we are laughing about something in our Discord chat. Usually, it’s the meme’s or the old photos that someone digs up. I decided to create a video to upload so that people can check that out as well. If you can, join us live on our Discord channel. It’s a lot of fun. Also, I’ve been wanting to try out not having a guest setup and just open up the mic to people who join us live on Discord. That’s what we did this week. We brought Pauly back so he can spread the word on the recent change of venue for Black VIP West Coast. The Same day, new location. It will be at K1 Gardena. So if you go to the Source OC this weekend, you will find no one there. Be sure to go to K1 Gardena for Black VIP West Coast. Thanks for jumping on Pauly.  We also brought in Danny Salazar and David Li both of Endless Projects. Two guys who are really passionate about this car stuff and just all around good guys. This may be a trend for us now. I kinda liked the idea of mixing this type of show in.

This episode we wanted to talk about horror stories of owning VIP Cars, but I got bamboozled to talk a little about my story and how I got started again. Thanks guys!!! haha. I also learned a lot about my setup when recording both the audio and video portion of the podcast. I gotta get my network up to par so I can take advantage of the Gigabit Fiber I have coming into the house. Where my office is located on the lower floor, I was barely getting 5Gbps last night when if I just record upstairs near my wireless router, I can at least take advantage of the network speed at around 500Mbps. Probably will need to address this sooner than later.

Once again, thanks for listening everyone. Please join us on our Discord chat to just kick it and listen live. – live podcast recordings and a chat box to chop it up with everyone. – for when the video portion of the podcast goes live. I’ll get better at posting that version sooner rather than later.

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