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VIP’d Out!

Posted: March 17, 2010 at 10:00 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

Photo Credits: Danny Robbins –

This GS400 is owned by one of our members by the name of James Church.  He has been a very active member of our community here on  One of our biggest supporters here in the Bay Area.  I’ve had the pleasure of meeting James when he first started this venture on the GS400. Every event / meet I attended here in the Bay Area, I always ran into James eagerly informing me on what the next step on the car will be.  It’s crazy to see how far along this car has come.  Not to mention the changes he has made.  Most of the time, people will get one setup, and leave it be.  James however strays away from that notion. I love the new wheel setup he has now with the SSR Agle Strusse. Pushing the envelope with 19×10 -3 on the front and 19×11 -4 on the rear.  I know he’s gone thru a run of wheels that would be on a lot of people’s wish list.  Recently added to the mix was a Final Konnexxion kit. Personally, I feel this GS400 is sitting perfectly now but I’m pretty sure he’s not done yet.  I am sure James has a lot more up his sleeve in the upcoming future.  I’ll just let the pictures speak for themselves.  I must thank Danny Robbins for taking such beautiful pictures of James’ car and for allowing us to use them here. 

Here is a quick spec list on this car. 


  • Black leather 
  • (L) Junction Produce Fusa (black and gold)
  • ?Red and super white LEDs ?
  • VIP front / Ancellion rear Curtains 
  • ?Custom Build Vip Table 
  • ?35 % front black tint 
  • ?5% rear black tint
  • Air Ride Technologies Digital Level Pro2 with Digital Controller
  • 2 blk/blk Junction Produce Neck Pillows
  • 6.5 x2 Sync Tvs in Headrests

Exterior: ?

  • KH3 Super Black Paint job
  • ?Full Final Konnexxion fit and new HELLA fogs 
  • New Shaved Rear wing ?
  • 4 City PIAA Hype white city lights 
  • ?4300k Aristo Hids and housings
  • ?3000k HID foglights 
  • ?Junction Produce fenders 
  • ?Junction Produce Fancy pinstripe 
  • ?Junction Produce Tail lights 
  • ?Junction Produce Inner tails painted?
  • Authentic Toyota Aristo Window Visors ?
  • Chrome Trimming on Bumpers
  • Kazz Grill

Wheels and Suspension:

  • ?Painted Gold Calipers
  • Painted Black Hubs ?
  • (NEW STYLE) 19’inch Ssr Agle Strusse? – 19×10 -3 front – ?19×11 -4 rear?
  • Shaved and Pulled rear fenders ?
  • Custom Air bags system .. UAS bags with kyb-gr2 shocks ?
  • JDM Black powered coated Lugs/locks
  • Ls400 brakes, Not installed yet , looking at powder coating gold chrome
  • (selling) Ikeya Formula Rear camber and toe arms


  • ?2 Az Compressors ob1/ob2
  • ?Blitz Valves x8 ?
  • .5 inch lines 
  • ?2 7 Gallon Alum. tanks (polished) 
  • ?Velvet interior for trunk ?
  • 14 Led lights for show display ?
  • Rear panel piece painted Gloss black ?
  • 200 psi switches upgraded solenoids too


  • ?All panel pieces painted KH3 gloss black to match exterior 
  • ?TRD front sway bar ?
  • 1UZFE-V8, Iridium plugs?
  • Red top Optima 800 cc?
  • 150 amp fuse
  • 2.25 inch piping ,deleted resonators, custom X pipe 5zigen Mega exhaust

James’ Blog – 


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