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Wekfest SF 2012

Posted: March 18, 2012 at 10:10 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

Photo credits: Ejay from Limestand Photography

Once again that time of the year was upon us, Wekfest San Francisco!  For me, its nice to actually have a big event like this just a few miles away.  Once again, our friends at Wekfest did not fail to deliver.  100s freshly built cars and 1000s of spectators, what more can you ask for at a car show?  There were a lot of people that had traveled to the event from all over the country! I got to meet people that came out from NY, Chicago, Texas, and FL just to name a few.  I had the chance to have my car on display in the Air Runner booth.  It was nice cause not too far away were our good friends from Autofashion so I was able to chill out with them during the event.  I want to thank Ejay Marte from Limestand Photography for helping me out and blessing me with these pictures for our coverage.

Our good friend Ojay brought out his LS400.  Representing our friends from BPVIP, it was parked in the Autofashion booth along with Miguel’s M45.  This car is has always been one of my favorite builds stateside.  Tough to find a more complete build in a LS400 now a days.

This LS460 was extremely clean.  I could just be biased since LS460s have been near and dear to me as of late.  I wanted to meet the owner however, every time I walked by the car they was nowhere to be found.

James from VIP’ brought out his 2 VIP Cars to the event. Both cars complement each other beautifully.  Must be a tough decision trying to decide which VIP Car to drive for the day.

This 3rd-gen GS also caught my eye.  It took me awhile to get used to this gen GS, but now I can appreciate a well built one.

This Benz has been gaining popularity all over the internet.  With the custom barreled BBS LMs and custom Air Suspension, I love how this Benz sits.  I had the pleasure of having this Benz on display with us during the 2011 San Francisco International Auto Show.

Another car that has been the rage on the internet as of late, the RWB Porsche from Fatlace.  This is a car you need to see in person just to get an idea of how beautiful it is.  It’s now sitting on a new set of Work wheels which fit nicely under the RWB fenders.

The R35 GTR made the trek from Southern California for Wekfest.  Another car that I was glad to finally see in person.  I didn’t get to go to SEMA last year but first saw pics of this GTR from all of the coverage.

Sean from JDMPalace brought out 2 cars as well.  This Mazda Miata and his Toyota Previa.  The Miata with the Pit Crew front end and other goodies was another show-stopper. There were always a ton of people crowded around this car taking photos.  Its a very interesting front end that sort of reminds me of a VW Karmann Ghia.

This Hyundai Genesis is another mainstay in the Northern Cali car scene.  Jon-Jon always stood out at all of the events with this car.  For Wekfest, he came back out with a new paint job as well as new wheels.

This NSX is currently running a Comptech Supercharger and sits on some OG Advan AVS Model 5s.

This Integra from ATS Garage is extremely well built.  K20 swaps are a dime a dozen now a days but this one blew my mind.  The attention to detail in the engine bay was fantastic.

Now for the gallery.  Once again, thank you Limestand Photography for the coverage.  Its getting tougher for me to pull off coverage at any event when I have my car out on display.  It’s nice to have a community of photographers ready to help us out.  I appreciate you guys!


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