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Wekfest Hawaii 2013 – VIP Cars edition

Posted: February 25, 2013 at 1:16 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

Photo credits: JayAye Photography

Wekfest held their first event of the 2013 season over in Hawaii.  It’s one Wekfest event that I need to make the trek out to in the future.  Hawaii builds always impress me and this past event was no exception to that.  One thing that stood out to me was the Empire crew and their matte black cars.  It’s tough nowadays to put together a clean VIP Car themed crew let alone get everyone to paint their cars in the same color.  I remember watching a video of the event and saw Empire rolling in with their cars.  I was blown away when I saw that every single car was matte black.  Revision Audio also brought out a few cars, heavy on the VIP Car theme as well.  Sessions USA / ForJWorks also brought out some heavy hitters as well.  Congrats to everyone who won an award at this past event.  I’m sure those were well deserved.  Now onto the pictures…

The Matte black theme was impressive.  I wonder if the VIP Cars we have in Endless Projects would let me pull this off?  Just kidding fellas.

Extremely clean Q45. Sometimes wonder if I had built one of these instead of my GS, how it would of turned out.

Good to see Liberty VIP and how far their reach is now.  Talk about taking over the VIP Car world.  Liberty VIP to me is in every major market in the USA.  Thats a testament to the guys over at Liberty VIP.  Great crew to be in for those of you looking for one.  Those guys push the envelope and the Hawaii cars are true to that statement.

It took awhile for the 3rd gen GS to gain my attention.  I am starting to see some fairly clean ones popping up as the prices go down for this car on the 2nd hand market.

Here is a clean LS460 from Revision Audio.  What I love about these LS460/LS600h is that you don’t have to do to much to make them extremely clean.

Love the Aimgain kit with the Ordens setup.

Sessions USA also brought out their project 2nd Gen GS.  The wheel combo with the Work Wheels Meisters came out pretty clean.

Once again thank you to Jay Aye Photography for providing us with the VIP Car coverage of Wekfest Hawaii.  Here is their video they made as the Official one for Wekfest Hawaii 2013.

WekFest Hawaii 2013 Official Video | WekSos | Jay.Aye from Jay Aye on Vimeo.


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