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Wekfest Hawaii 2017

Posted: February 8, 2017 at 11:16 am   /   by   /   comments (2)

Right now I am in my 24 hour “layover” from Hawaii to Japan. I came home for 24 hours after working at Wekfest Hawaii before heading to Osaka, Japan to finally attend Osaka Auto Messe. This year’s Hawaii trip to kick off the 2017 Wekfest Tour was a blast. It was nice to get away from the storms hitting Northern California and head back to a place where I tend to find serenity. Not to mention I get to see a lot of old friends and check out a bunch of clean cars. Wekfest Hawaii never disappoints. Usually, I carry a lot of hats while at Wekfest events. I help with load-in, work closely with the venue to make sure things are smooth, and of course try to judge the categories I am responsible for. While my subjective choices may not sit well with some people, its still something I will always stand by. This year, I had a coffee in one hand, judging sheets between my fingers, and all while I had my new camera in hand trying to get photo coverage. Had to multitask since I wanted to also venture into some video work which I will probably attempt to edit tonight while on the plane to Osaka. As always, my coverage will start with the VIP Car / VIP Style Cars we saw. I didn’t get all of them in my photo coverage but made up for it in the video coverage. It got pretty crowded once I started to take photos so I moved quickly and got as much as I can. Pure VIP Hawaii came out with a strong contingency. Even brought out a sushi chef for themselves and their guests. I have to admit, I ate a lot of it. Thank you fellas for the hospitality. It helped keep me fed during the event! Haha! Well, enough of my rambling and its onto the photos.

Preston brought out his Lexus LS430 dubbed “Dream Killer”. Even with the technical difficulties he was having with the car, he still made it out and drove the car home!

Alex’s GS300 from Pure VIP. I have a soft spot for Volk TE37s and even more for a 2nd Gen GS. Combine the two with a set of front of rear Endless Brakes and I am in awe. It was good to finally see this build in person. Too bad another GS I was waiting to see didn’t make it (coughrichardsoncough) LOL!

Pure VIP Hawaii also brought out a Lexus LS430 with a Junction Produce front bumper.

This Lexus IS F was equipped with a Wald Black Bison kit with Work Wheels Zeasts.

Mason’s IS is somewhat of a sleeper. Carrying a full T-Demand setup, most people would just look at this car and dismiss it for its simplicity. Not knowing what’s been modified for the suspension.

This Mode Parfume equipped Lexus IS FSport was extremely clean.

I’ve said it many times, this generation Infiniti Q45 (F50) is a platform that needs more love out here in the US. This was one of my favorites of the event.

Mode Parfume equipped Lexus GS 3rd gen. Mode Parfume’s presence was pretty large at this event!

Our good friend TJ Chun of T Chun Media debuted his new Mazda 6 build. TJ utilized a MV-Tuning kit and Vossen Wheels for this build. Talk about Wekfest Prep he was working on the car until the very end.

Not everyday do we see a Lexus ES350 at an event. I had to walk around this car numerous times to check it out.

Clean 2nd Gen GS we found while walking around the event. Like I said, I have a huge bias towards 2nd Gen GS for some odd reason ????

Lexus IS Fsport sitting on Work Wheels

Co Yara’s Scion xB build. This car is phenomenal. It is pretty much complete and still each time I see it he adds or modifies something new.

Bryan’s Lexus GS300 from Eqvipped

Newer Gen Honda Accord with some VIP style styling.

Infiniti Q50 in the Airrex lineup

Newer gen Toyota Prius also in the Airrex lineup

Nemo finally made it home.

Lexus GS 3rd gen sintting on Infinitewerks wheels with Team Mansu.

Toyota Camry also with some VIP Style styling.

Leon Hardiritt Ordens on this Infiniti G37 Sedan

I saw this Scion xB at the premeet the night before. The Work Wheels Emitz on this chassis is one of the best choices you can make.

Now onto the rest of the cars we liked…

Some of the cars rolling in from SMG.

This Toyota Supra pretty much had a carbon fiber body. I believe just the rear quarters were still metal but everything else was replaced with a carbon fiber panel.

This car is owned by TattooRich who is my personal tattoo guy. He’s done the work on both of my arms and he truly is a Motor enthusiast. This is his first Import as a Muscle car / Harley Davidson guy. He wouldn’t stop raving about how much he loved his Nissan R35. He’s planning some crazy motor work for it and we can’t wait to see it.


If you ever want to see a complete build down to the type of bolts used, look no further than Lance’s Toyota Sprinter w/ OSIxHI

Extremely clean Toyota Corona also with OSIxHI

Toyota Celica also with OSIxHI

These old school Toyota’s were also a favorite of mine.

Another old school I am a fan of, Hachiroku or the Toyota Corolla GT-S

OSIxHi had some well done Toyotas including this work in progress. Or could be purposely left like this as well.

Pure VIP brought out an AirBagged trailer.

Widebody Infiniti G35

VW Bugs had a great presence overall at the event

I always wondered what track still resides on Oahu. This Honda Civic is one beast of a build. Something you need to see in person to appreciate.

Endless Projects Hawaii member Kurt and his Audi A4.

Kelvin and I met on the Wheelwell platform and it was good to see his car in person finally.

Did I mention that VW Bugs had a great presence at this event?

Clean Mitsubishi Evolution sitting on Volk TE37s.

Honda Civic EK with a K-series swap also on TE37s

It’s been awhile since I have seen a Veilside Nissan 350Z.

Extremely widened rear on this Nissan 350Z

Infiniti G35 with its kit sitting on the floor

I forget the name of this overfender kit for the Scion FRS. He told us it was the first one stateside as well. The graphic also was done with paint rather than vinyl.


Ending our coverage on this Lamborghini sitting next to the Wekfest Booth.

This was a fun trip to kick off the Wekfest Tour. I am excited to see what the year brings. As I finish this article, I have to get ready to leave tonight again. Keep an eye on us here to see what we got coming up with coverage on our trip to Japan for Osaka Auto Messe.



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