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Wekfest Seattle 2017

Posted: August 9, 2017 at 10:00 am   /   by   /   comments (4)

I think it’s time I jump back into something I enjoy doing which is event coverage. With as much as we get to travel to different events around the country, we always make our way to each Wekfest event being that we are part of their staff. I always tell myself that I should take some photos but with everything that goes on in the background, I find myself unable to. I always stated I would rather take the what little free time I have to talk with those who enter their cars plus the spectators who come through. Especially when we go into a new city like Seattle. There are some VIP Car guys in the Pacific Northwest that was there when we started many moons ago.

It’s been a very long time since I have been to Seattle. My other trip to Seattle was also car related and of course, I would return when it is car related again. Thankfully Joey Lee of The Chronicles was a huge advocate of Wekfest expanding to Seattle. He always talked about the quality of cars up in the Pacific Northwest since he usually makes an annual trek up to do some photo shoots. Seattle is a beautiful city. We hit up the usual spots like Pikes Place, the Fremont Troll, Kerry Park, and even took in a Mariners game at Safeco Field.

One thing I noticed was that there aren’t many indoor events in Seattle so I was concerned that certain rules that come with indoor events like fuel requirements may cause a few issues. Even at other cities where we always do indoor events, people forget about the 1/4 tank or less rule, I can only imagine how this goes with a tour stop that doesn’t have any indoor events. We ran into groups that got broken up cause half of them got the memo while the other half had way over a 1/4 tank. It’s really tough to go around any of that because that is a requirement of the venue, not the show itself. Thank you to everyone who understood the requirement and did what they can to meet it.

As for the cars, VIP Car wise, it was very scarce. I would say roughly 10-14 total cars. We usually aren’t the largest genre in any show, but we sometimes have a decent amount. I know there are a good amount of cars from the Pacific Northwest plus those coming from Canada. I feel like that is on us to see if we can get more to come next time. However, for the rest of the show, I saw some stuff that blew my mind. The Hondas, my god how good were they?!?! Joey talked it up and it did not disappoint. I was extremely impressed with what I saw and in the sheer numbers. Usually, you have 5-6 standouts but I could say that we saw dozens of Hondas / Acuras that could run the table in any other tour stop. Even the old school Hondas were untouchable. I can’t forget that the Pacific Northwest is AWD heavy with the amount of Evos and WRXs we saw. Plus you throw in the cars that came down from Canada all the Skylines and S15s that showed up.

Thank you to Nick Higgins (@higginsbuilt) for providing the photos from the awards presentation at the end of the show. If I got your names incorrect, I apologize. I kept the awards list so I’m writing the names down based on what was written on those cards. Those photos are also posted here after the cars. Enjoy!

Danilo Vila’s LS430 from Empire VIP. I loved the tire stickers from Steep Streets as well.

Justin Wallace’s 2JZGTE swapped GS300. An early supporter of VSC. It was good to see his build in person.

Real deal Nissan Cima.

Clean Mercedes Benz we found while walking around.

I do like the body style of these Infiniti Q50s, this owned by Dillon Haynes is extremely clean.

Lexus IS300

Zack’s LS400. These LS400 doesn’t need all the crazy vents/fenders/over fenders to look good.

Lexus LS460 with a plethora of interior accessories for a VIP Car.

I am so afraid that I will step on the splitter when it sticks out this far like on this IS350

Ronnie Subillaga from Team Mansu

Also from Team Mansu. This car made the trek from Las Vegas to be part of the event

The last car from Team Mansu was this IS300

Rob Kothenbeutal’s Evo from R-Rydes, this car won Best of Show at this event.

I loved this 1st gen Honda Civic with a modern twist to it.

Mean looking S14 also from R-Rydes

I loved this S15 that came down from Canada.

I would love an S2000 and just kept it clean like this.

Rocket Bunny RC350

Umbrella Design Audi R8

This car made me miss having an EK. So clean and nothing outlandish. I loved it. Can’t beat a supercharged K-series motor in an EK.

I think the motor fits, why not throw on a supercharger while we are at it!

The owner of the EK I showed earlier, Huy Hoang, also brought this insane Acura RSX. I think this is one of the dopest builds out there. Not to mention the Mugen umbrella just chilling there holding up the hood.

I did mention that the Honda builds out in the Pacific Northwest were clean right? This EG was just ridiculous.

And then I run into this Mugen themed DB Integra.

AND THEN I see this Mugen inspired DC Type R Integra…  I couldn’t keep up anymore

Another car close to my heart outside of the VIP Car / Low Rider world… an AE86 Toyota Corolla.

Toyota MR2 on Blitz Technospeed Z1

There were some dope Lowriders that showed up as well.

Had to take a closer look at this build as well.  Someday we will get our hands on an Impala Vert

Nissan GT-R

I appreciate just how clean this WRX is.

Another old school Civic that caught our eye. The B-Series motor just looks like it was meant to be in there.

More Subaru WRXs to look at.

These 2 Datsun’s were great examples of the spectrum you can hit with them. The 510 wagon was extremely clean while the Z went on the wilder side with the wide body and cutting the hood out to make room for the trumpets.


The raw metal finish of this Celica Supra was pretty unique at this show.

Josh Mackey’s Mazda 3 can be easily overlooked. So much work done to this car not to mention how cool Josh is!

Mini Cooper with a US Air Force inspired livery

The color combo of this R32 GT-R was eye catching

Pretty simple but clean WRX.

Some very clean old school stuff was present in the Pacific Northwest

Team NvUS also reaches the Pacific Northwest.

Ending the car show coverage on this Civic EK hatchback.

Here are the Wekfest Seattle Award Winners. Photos are in the gallery after this.


  1. Franklin Woo – Honda Civic
  2. Huy Hoang – Honda Civic DX


  1. Issac laFountaine – 94 Acura Integra
  2. Cooper Boudin – Acura Integra


  1. Jackie Law – Honda S2000
  2. Daniel Haggerty – Honda S2000 CR


  1. Jerkin Rumbua – Acura NSX
  2. Johnny Vongkhamchanh – 92 Acura NSX


  1. Bill Brinkworth – 240Z
  2. Lonny D Sinkevich – Nissan 370Z Nismo


  1. Brendan Siu – Evo 9
  2. Mitch Lewis – Evo 10


  1. Hong Chin – 05 Subaru STi
  2. Milo Stamich – Subaru 2.5 RS


  1. Andy Krett – VW R32 Track


  1. Ben Winterowd – Nissan 240SX
  2. Levi Mohorich – Nissan 240SX


  1. J.J. Dubec – Nissan GT-R
  2. Brian Martin – Nissan GT-R R35


  1. William Potts – 97 Acura Integra Type R
  2. Thomas Strom  – 96 Integra Type R


  1. Alex Louie – Audi S5
  2. Andrew Manley – Audi S5


  1. Eduardo Pineda- 2016 BMW M4 GTS
  2. John Zuberek – 90 BMW M3


  1. Bill Master – Honda Civic Si
  2. Austin Hironaka – 94 Honda Del Sol


  1. Mathew Goodwin – Hyundai Genesis Coupe
  2. Dylan Chaney – Hyundai Genesis


  1. Ha Y Chong – 2004 Infiniti G35
  2. Dillon Haynes – Infiniti Q50 Sport


  1. Justin Wallace – 2000 Lexus GS300
  2. Kenji Nishimura – Lexus GS300


  1. Josh Mackey – 2010 Mazda 3
  2. Austin Pennington – 1994 Mazda RX7


  1. Jacob Romero – Mitsubishi Evolution
  2. Clement Ting – Mitsubishi Ralliart 2014


  1. Franklin Wa – Nissan GT-R
  2. Benjamin Lee – Nissan GT-R


  1. Birdy Crisologo – 2013 Scion FR-S
  2. Cris Kuan – Scion FR-S


  1. Leigh Gavin – 2011 Subaru WRX Sit
  2. Kathryn Smith – Subaru WRX Wagon


  1. Ryan Rea – 85 Toyota Celica
  2. Jason Rivera – Toyota Camry


  1. Ryan Proulx – Volkswagen GTI –
  2. Kellen Harris – Volkswagen Golf


  1. Felix Lopez Garcia – 2004 Mini Cooper S

Team Rep

  1. NNG “No Name Gang”


  1. Peter Terry – Toyota Celica GT-4 RC


  1. Tam Phan – 2007 Honda Ruckus
  2. Kells Leong – 2017 Honda Grom


  1. Danilo Vila – Lexus LS430

Truck / VAN / SUV

  1. J.J. Dubec – Jeep Wrangler Limited


  1. Bob Brandow – 1977 Honda Civic CVCC including “77” Trailer


  1. Mackin Industries

Vendor Car

  1. Terry Suvannarith


  1. Ben Miklethun – 1968 Ford Mustang (2JZ swap)


  1. Clement Ng – Audi R8

Best Import

  1. Huy (Wii) Hoang – Acura RSX Type S

Best Domestic

  1. Lilo Sun – 1964 Chevy Impala

Crew of the Festival

  1. EZ Does It

Car of The Festival

  1. Rob Kothenbeutal – Mitsubishi Lancer EVO 9

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